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Photography tours and workshops vary across the board, whether it's destination, trip duration, photography subject or even the intensity of photo instruction. We hope to outline the general structure and philosophy of our tour below, in order to give you a better sense of what to expect. If you are interested in the tour specifics—itinerary and prices—please click here.

Photography: Tour vs. Workshop

We have put together this tour, limited it to only 8 guests, with a couple of things in mind. First, we want to limit the number of participants in order to create a more intimate atmosphere and so that you, as a guest, can be assured of having more attention from your guides. Many tours bring 10, 12 or even more guests and charge $10-12,000 or more. We hope this tour will give you a taste of African wildlife photography in a variety of locations and experiences while not breaking the bank!

This truly is a photo tour, not a workshop. Many workshops offer daily "classroom" instruction and dedicated learning sessions, but that's not the case here. We like to emphasize the fun and adventure that comes with exploration in the field rather than intense training.

Max will be there to advise and shoot alongside you in the field should you desire help. Time permitting, we'll conduct some informal photo critique sessions and share our work in hopes of getting a new perspective and new ideas on how to approach shooting in the field.

If you are hoping to dedicate all of your time working exclusively with certain subjects or working intensely on advanced technical skills, this may not be the tour for you. Africa hosts a variety of wildlife, and we hope to see and photograph species that appeal to everyone. In certain cases we are more likely to spend time with certain species that offer up the best photo ops and exhibit interesting behavior, but for the most part this is a general wildlife photo tour targeting the best photo ops with the animals that present themselves to us.

This also happens to be a great wildlife watching tour! If you or your spouse are not hard-core photographers but love wildlife, you'll still get a lot of enjoyment from the sheer variety of animals we'll see on this trip.

Tanzania: What to Expect

Many first-time visitors to Africa aren't sure what to expect. Is it safe? Will the animals attack? How hot does it get? Will we have electricity? There are obviously a lot of preconceived notions and misperceptions about African travel, and I hope to answer some of the most pertinent questions here.

Safety: Tanzania is a modern country and one of the foremost tourist destinations in Africa.

In case you still have concerns, keep in mind that our tour will spend little time in urban areas (we're there for the wildlife, after all), and we will be in the hands of trusted local guides and drivers from the moment we arrive at the airport to our return to Arusha at the end of the trip. All this being said, I still recommend the usual security measures when it comes to electronics and photo gear—travel locks and security cables—just as I would if this were a US-based tour.

wildlife photo safari
Enjoy amazing close encounters. This lioness used the shadow of
our vehicle as cover as she hunted zebra!
Wildlife Safety: In Tanzania's parks one is not allowed to leave your vehicle (except during our walking safari in Arusha National Park, where we'll join an armed escort in a park without large predators), or even lean out a window, except for designated picnic areas or in the fenced camps. All visitors are confined to camps overnight as well, in order to lessen any potential run-ins with dangerous wildlife. Couldn't a lion just hop right in our open top vehicles? Believe it or not, the animals seem to consider us as a part of the vehicle, which they see as a big loud metal animal. As long as you don't lean out the window or hop out of the vehicle, you'll be able to enjoy many special close encounters with the local wildlife. View the photo gallery to get a taste of some of the wildlife you may see on the tour.

Weather: It's Africa, so it can get hot. We will be traveling during the "wet season," which means things will be hot and humid. Pack the sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat! It can be dusty too if rain has been lacking, by the way, so be prepared to cover up your gear (and bring a sensor cleaning kit) whenever possible.

Amenities: Yes, there is electricity in Africa, so we'll be able to charge batteries, laptops, etc. You will need the proper plugs though, so be sure you have the right adapter with you. Water is also clean and potable. There should not be any need for iodine pills, Steripens or filters, unless you need them for peace of mind. The camps in Tanzania do have cafes and small stores. Expect most meals and amenities to be provided during the trip.

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